Official Sundering Map Released!

Hey everyone,

I'm pleased to announce that after several painstaking hours, I've created the official map for Sundering! It's available under the Sundering navigation link, or you can click here. I used the Inkarnate website, which, if you've never heard of, I highly recommend you check out for your map design if that's something you struggle with. It looks 100x nicer than the hand-drawn mess I've been using as a reference for the past year, and it's super intuitive and easy to use. You can save the images in progress on the website and then download them directly to your computer when you're finished. It couldn't be more convenient.

I'm so excited to finally be able to bring the world I've created to life, and I hope that, when you read the sample chapters, this enriches your experience. I'll begin making my next wave of edits in February, and I've got some really exciting changes in store for the manuscript. In the meantime, you can expect another short story or two.

As always, thanks for reading!