Upcoming Short Stories

Hey everyone,

I'm hard at work on two short stories. One is in its final stages, while the other is just past the first draft. 

You can expect the first piece, titled "The Walk," within the next few days. It's a suspense thriller narrated by a female lead (my first female protagonist, actually). 


It's just an empty parking garage. All she has to do is walk to her car; it's right there. But after a harrowing encounter months previous, every moment like this is a battle of willpower. The self-defense lessons are helping, but not all scars are physical. 


The next story I'm working on is called "The Shadow," and will be up before the month's end, perhaps sooner. It's a sci-fi drama, and my first work in the sci-fi genre.


Earth, 2135. For most, it's an era of progress and unity. For Chris Bowers, it's a time of uncertainty. He's about to propose to his girlfriend, but in the darkest corners of his imagination, he can't help but think she's hiding something from him.


Check back for updates and the full stories!

Thanks for reading!