BIG Update 12/11/18

This blog isn’t up to my standards.

Allow me to explain.

For the last year, I’ve posted some incremental updates on my work: my editing process, new short stories or artwork, and so on. There are two big problems with this sort of content.

  1. It’s rather infrequent. I don’t think it’s necessary to update you on every single detail of what I do, as most of it isn’t significant enough to write about. I only post about the big things, but by nature, those don’t happen very often.

  2. Even the things I do post about aren’t interesting to most people. If you’re already a superfan, despite the fact that Sundering hasn’t been released yet, I sincerely appreciate it. But I can face the reality that the tedious details of my creative process don’t matter to most people. They don’t want to read ABOUT what I’m writing, they want to read WHAT I’m writing.

So for that reason, I’m going to drastically change the direction of this blog. I’m not saying I’ll never post a working update again. But I am saying that I will be offering much better content in the immediate future, in two forms:

  1. Book reviews. I’ll be posting reviews about books I read, focusing on indie fantasy and sci-fi. I won’t commit to a timeline on these reviews, because life has a funny way of slowing me down when I think I’m cruising, but I will make a concentrated effort to read and review books that are largely unknown. Why indie books? Because there’s no need for me to review A Song of Ice and Fire or 1984. Everyone knows those books are amazing. If I read a traditionally published book that’s not by a big name author, I’ll review that as well. In doing this, I hope to give back to a writing community that’s been incredibly supportive and fun to interact with. I learn from these people, struggle with them, and we all laugh at the stupid mistakes we make together. These people have tons of talent and their work deserves to be seen. Hopefully these reviews help in that regard.

  2. Writing tips. But instead of formulaic “how to hook a reader” or "adverbs are trash” articles, of which you can find 10,000 with a simple Google search, I’ll be talking about what I do. Strategies for series plotting, why I write descriptions the way I do, how I create characters, etc. There are a lot of people who can explain the mechanics of writing better than me, but no two writers do things the exact same way. Hopefully you can learn something from the way I do things, and if there’s something you dislike, you can leave it by the wayside.

I plan to begin this in 2019. Call it a New Year’s resolution, if you like. I’ll be posting my review policy soon, and then I’ll open the floodgates. I’ll try to post twice a month, but if I fall short of that, please don’t show up at my door with pitchforks and torches. As I delve further into the querying process, put more words down on Sojourn (Book #2), and generally try to grow as a writer, my resources for any single endeavor are diminished. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, and about 13 of them are devoted to my day job. With another 7 for sleep, that leaves 4 hours for writing and eating and showering and doing dishes and spending time with my fiance and getting groceries and reading and TV and all that other stuff that, unfortunately, isn’t writing. I manage my time as best I can, and I will do my best to stick to my declaration of two posts per month, whether they’re reviews or writing tips.

Thanks for sticking with me through a year of lackluster blog posts.

It’s going to change.