Update 3/31/18

Hey everyone,

I know it's been radio silence on my end for a while, and I apologize for that. Here's what's happened since my last post:

1. I got engaged! I spent the first week of March in Mexico, put a ring on my girlfriend's finger, and ate more fajitas than is reasonable or safe. But no, I didn't write anything. Since then, we've been visiting friends and family nonstop to celebrate. I think we drove out to the suburbs three weekends in a row, including twice in one weekend, although it's hard to be sure, as it's all been a giant blur.

This was the first weekend I've been able to sit down and write anything since before we left. I've still been writing on the weekdays, an hour here and there, but the weekends have always been where I do my heavy lifting, since I work 12-13 hours a day. Without that, it's been tough to keep up my progress, but I've been doing my best.

2. I completed a 150-question worldbuilding document and filled out over thirty pages of notes, bringing my total of notes up to 70 pages and change, and sent out my second draft to a fresh batch of beta readers. The massive questionnaire has really helped me get a better grasp on the world of Corbryn and their society, and I'm excited to stitch together all the layers that will really help the story and the environment come to life.

3. I penned up two new scenes (wish I had thought of them before finishing draft two, but that's just how it goes, right?) They'll make an appearance in draft 3, which I'm currently in the process of doing. For draft three I plan to rewrite an entire subplot involving three characters, as well as solidify and expand a few other major characters' arcs. I'll also be dropping in all that worldbuilding stuff I just mentioned.  Between that and a better sense of who my characters are now, I'm really optimistic about draft three. Following that, I'll just have to trim, polish, and I think I'll be ready to query or submit.

4. I just finished editing chapter 3, and have posted it here on the site. You can read it here


I'm going to start editing chapter 4 now. As always, thanks for reading.