Update 9/23/18

The day has arrived. I’m officially querying. I have to admit, a small part of me thought I’d never get here. Now I get to play the waiting game, which, if two decades of conscious experience has taught me anything, I’m exceptionally terrible at. Since I’d drive myself insane just sitting here and twiddling my thumbs, I’ve come up with a few projects with which to distract myself.

  1. I've begun making a map of the world outside of Corbryn. If you have no idea what Corbryn is, may I direct you here. This ties directly into #2. Since the sequel constitutes a massive war that involves several other kingdoms, and sets the stage for some main characters to actually travel to those kingdoms in subsequent books, I need to get everything outside of Corbryn fleshed out, so the structure is there when I need to write it. And on that note…

  2. I’ve officially begun drafting the sequel, which I’m tentatively naming “Sojourn.” I also have a backup title of “Sentencing,” although I prefer the former. The structure of this book, since it takes place across two timelines, is something I will likely need to rearrange… Again… and again… and again. But I’m excited to finally be moving forward with the second installment of the Shattered Fate series. I have the integral elements of the plot all set to go, and now I just need to connect the dots and well… write the damn thing. I’m about 5000 words in, and I’m really excited with what I have so far.

I know these posts only pop up once every month or so (and sometimes less frequently,) but that’s because I prefer to spend my very limited free time actually working on the story itself rather than doing more frequent blog posts and other smaller projects. I’m always moving forward on the big project and always working to make it the best it can be. Next time I post, I promise I’ll be more than 5000 words into the sequel. As always, thanks for reading.