Quarterly Update

If you follow me closely, you may have noticed that I missed my last quarterly update, which should have happened around the end of June. I realized this myself around, oh, mid-September. Let’s just say that I had a lot on my plate. A wedding, moving apartments, planning a friend’s bachelor party… It’s been a busy summer, to say the least. And while I wrote consistently, my presence both on this blog and on social media suffered, as evidenced that I have yet to take down my “wedding hiatus” note on Twitter.

(For those of you who are wondering, the wedding and honeymoon were both amazing. We had some great people make the trip down to Florida, we said the magic words, and everyone had a total blast. It was an incredible time and I loved every minute of it.)

And although I’ve been back for over a month, I’m not sure when I’ll take the hiatus tag down. I post on Twitter sometimes, and hell, I may release one of the book reviews I have ready to go, just sitting there in my drafts folder. If I’m feeling super crazy, I may even finish that half-written article about creating flawed characters. But I don’t want to make any promises, because while on the surface, it looks like I haven’t been doing much, I’ve been hitting an incredible work pace behind the scenes. And I think the fact that I’m not devoting 10+ hours a week to responding to comments and writing these blog posts on a strict schedule has a lot to do with it.

Despite all the crazy shit that’s been going on this summer and will be coming up this fall (I might be taking on some extra responsibility at work), I’ve still gotten a lot of editing done for Sundering. My drafting for Sojourn has been moving along a little slower than I had hoped, but I’m still putting new words down when I get the chance. As a recap, here’s where I was at after March 2019:

Sundering word count: 147,000 down to 136,955

Sundering pages edited: 94 out of 499 (18%)

Sojourn word count: 45,301

Sojourn chapter count: 19 out of 64 planned

Here’s where I am now:

Sundering word count: 136,955 down to 129,106

Sundering pages edited: 197 out of 476 (41%)

Sojourn word count: 52,625

Sojourn chapter count: 23 out of 64 planned

So while I’ve only written four more chapters of Sojourn, I’ve more than doubled my progress on editing Sundering, and I think my work pace is only improving. I’ve really gotten into a groove on editing and I’m happy with both my work rate and the quality of work, which is by far the more important of the two. I’m consistently cutting out 20-25% of the words in each chapter, and I’m confident I can get Sundering down to about 110,000 words from the original 147,000, which was itself down from about 165,000 on draft 1.

I’m hoping I can get up around the 300-page mark by the end of the year, which would put me about 60% of the way through Sundering and in position to finish next summer or fall. That seems like a long way away, but a year isn’t much in the grand scheme of things. Much less so if it’s a year of producing quality work. So please keep in mind that while I may not be as active on social media as I’ve been in the past, and while I may not be churning out articles like I was before, all that time is going towards more editing, more writing, so I can get Sundering out there sooner.

If you need to get ahold of me, I still respond to emails and DM’s on Twitter in a timely fashion, so feel free to reach out. As always, thank you for your support and encouragement. It’s what keeps these fingers striking the keyboard long after common sense tells me I should have gone to bed.