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Short Story Submission + Social Media Launch!

Hey everyone,

I have some very exciting news- I've officially launched my social media! You can now like my page on facebook or follow me on twitter.

This will let you stay up to date with my newest posts, short stories, and news about Sundering. I've completed one of the Sundering short stories mentioned in my previous post (scroll down) and am currently editing it while I work on a new short story outside the Sundering universe.

On a similar train of thought... I'm pleased to announce that I've entered a submission for the Writer's Digest 2018 short story contest! I'll find out how it places before February 28'th, so in the meantime I'll just have to play the waiting game. The story submitted was written specifically for the contest, and is available under the short stories collection, titled "The Well." It's 1500 words, or just over 2 pages single spaced, if you care to take a look.

Thanks for reading!


Upcoming Content

Hello everyone,

Hope you've all been enjoying the holidays! I was fortunate enough to receive some highly anticipated books, so I'll have about 2,000 pages of great reading ahead of me. I've got the website organized and relatively functional, which is a relief, because for a while it felt like I was pushing buttons and getting nowhere. I've been receiving some traffic, which is a pleasant surprise, as I didn't expect that to start happening right away. On that note, if you have any feedback for my site, I'd love to hear it.

I want to keep you informed of my future plans:

I'll be uploading a headshot in the near future and then linking my other social media to the page. Minor, but I think it'll help round things out. 

I'll be posting with some regularity keeping you informed of my progress on either revising my draft of Sundering or other projects.

To that end, I have an exciting announcement: My short stories in the past have all revolved around contemporary fiction, usually involving teenagers, drinking, and unintended consequences. I'll be retouching some of the better ones and publishing them here, but I also want to integrate new work in the genre of my novel. Going down that road, I figured if I'm going to be writing fantasy short stories, why not make them in the same universe as Sundering? And if I'm going to be writing in that same world, why not write about characters you actually know and (hopefully) like?

With that thought in mind, I'll be releasing short stories for certain characters, true to cannon, revealing things about their past. These events may be briefly referenced in Sundering, but not included in depth. These short stories will be your chance to get to know your favorite characters before they were the people that they are in the story. I have plans for sequels to Sundering (four more, to be precise), and it's entirely possible that all or part of any of these stories may make an appearance in subsequent installments, but for now, they are standalone stories for the purpose of exploring the character's background and entertaining you.

I currently plan on doing short stories for at least:

Rylar, Dakstaan, Ash, and Frost.

Potential others: Elayne, the Harkane brothers, Elias, Xander & Kai. 

If you don't know who the characters are yet, you will eventually. I plan on releasing up until chapter 3 on the website, perhaps more. Some of the characters don't make appearances until as late as chapters 7-12, but I plan on making the stories interesting enough on their own merit that when you see the characters appear in the novel, you'll be all the more thrilled. 

If you have any feedback on this idea, I'd be glad to hear it. 

Thanks for reading!