Blood Drops: WB Welch

Adult Horror

Rating: 5 Stars


Disclaimer: I was given a copy by a friend and am leaving a voluntary review.

Blood Drops is a chilling collection of short stories from author WB Welch. Since it's a (rather short) compilation instead of a novel, this review will be brief, since I can't dissect elements like plot and character development as I normally would.

Let's cut to the chase. Blood Drops is fantastic. I read it in two sittings, and had I not started reading it half an hour before I was supposed to go to bed, I would have devoured it in a single sitting. I'm not a speed-reader, by any means, I just couldn't put it down until that panicked voice in the back of my head reminded me I had to be at work in less than seven hours. Blood Drops is 150 pages double-spaced, and most people could blast through it in an hour or three.

There are several stories, some 2-3 pages, some 15 or more. Most fall into the 7-10 page range. Regardless of the length, they're excellently written, and each one (except one that just didn't land for me) manages to be creepy in a different way. I found three or four typos throughout the book, but other than that, the writing was clean, moved the stories along at a strong pace, and evoked a constant sense of dread.

I wish some of the ultra-shorts had been fleshed out a little more, but that's mainly because I enjoyed the writing so much. Nothing felt abrupt or incomplete. Overall, the stories were riveting and unsettling, just what I want from a horror short. Can't ask for anything more than that.

If you're a fan of quick, scary reads, don't miss out on this collection.